Facebook Marketing

Do you know that as of October 2012, Facebook has over a billion users? This number is still growing as Facebook launches more features for its users as well as more features for its business subscribers. Through Facebook, companies now have the possibility to reach a billion people in one site; experts believe that if marketing with social media is done right, using Facebook would become a dream come true for any type of business.

At Small Business SEO Success, we only have one goal in mind and that is to help small business owners get the attention they deserve online through efficient marketing strategies. One of these is using an integrated Facebook campaign. Our team of online marketing experts will help business owners with suitable advertising campaigns, optimized marketing strategies and Facebook business pages that are specifically designed to improve brand awareness. To Facebook users, it’s the simple “Likes” that inform other users that they support, like or love a particular brand but for business owners, it is fuel for more business opportunities, revenue and of course sales.

Facebook Marketing Services


Why use Facebook at all?

Facebook has proven that it is more than just a site where people meet but it is also a place where businesses and companies can reach out to their customers and potential customers about their products, services and brand. Through Facebook you will be able to do the following:

  1. Develop your company’s unique brand that customers can readily identify.
  2. Market your products or service through word of mouth
  3. Improve your knowledge of your target market
  4. Update your followers, customers or clients with any new things about your business
  5. Develop a community with a common interest with your brand
  6. Upload videos or photos as promotional marketing techniques and share them with your customers.


Small Business SEO Success Facebook Marketing Campaign

What Small Business SEO Success has in store for small business owners is a Facebook Marketing campaign that is composed of four very important components: an optimized strategy, efficient page management, brand promotion and diligent monitoring of results and finally analysis of the campaign and optimization. When all these factors are strategically used for any small business campaign, business owners will be able to build an efficient relationship with its customers to promote their brand. And no matter what niche you have or what kind of business you do, Facebook Marketing Campaigns from Small Business SEO success can help you right away.

Using an optimized strategy

Being in business for such a long time and being the backbone of so many small businesses, we pride ourselves in creating an optimized strategy with our clients. Small Business SEO Success understands small business limitations, risks and potential opportunities in marketing and has worked with clients in devising a suitable Facebook platform for success. Our team of experts in social media places your business’ success at utmost priority with optimized products and solutions that you will find valuable to develop your target market; this is your strategy to a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

Efficient page management

Small Business SEO Success has developed a Facebook Page Management Service that will guarantee efficient use of your Facebook page to easily connect to your customers and followers. You may be familiar with using an ordinary Facebook page with its impressive features like its time line, likes, account information, followers and most of all your posts. But for a business page, you will be using an entirely different platform but still with the ease of use and practical features that you have grown accustomed to in Facebook.

Small Business SEO Success introduces a page management program that will fully maximize your engagement with your followers and customers. You will be able to do this with pages that are fully customized with rich content, functional tools that any business owner needs for any kind of campaign, branded Facebook features and applications and Facebook promotions that we can create for you or that you can create and manage.

Brand promotion and results tracking

Optimized Facebook campaigns that are well developed with the help of experts from Small Business SEO Success, brand promotion is easy and very practical. Using Facebook Ads is an ideal way to begin your success in Facebook. This tool is designed to efficiently drive Facebook traffic to your business through a CPC or CPM program; it can target specific users through their age, sex, location, education level, views about politics, relationship statuses, the user’s likes and dislikes and so much more. You can easily optimize your brand to become more appealing to your followers and customers. And of course, tracking results based on the campaigns that you made are also easy with a Facebook Management System made just for your site.

Analysis of your campaign and optimization

With Small Business SEO Success you can use an optimized Facebook Management System which will allow you to create updates to your page content and to even integrate Facebook with other social networking sites and emailing systems. With this system you will also have the possibility to use Facebook campaign analytics that will provide you with useful reports, analysis and trends with the use of metrics. Your marketing campaigns will always be a success when you trust Small Business SEO Success for your business success. Contact Us for a Quote!

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