Privacy Policy

We at Small Business SEO Success have created this privacy policy for the use of our site This statement is to affirm our continuing commitment to protecting information of all the visitors, clients and customers who would like to interact with We hold to our guarantee of protecting the privacy of your information; the following articles states how our site gathers information from our clients and how it is disseminated for this website.

We understand that it is our utmost goal to protect your privacy and we must inform you how we collect, use and protect your personal information you provide us so that we can help you with our services. This privacy policy will be regularly assessed and evaluated against new technologies, updated business practices and the ever-changing needs of our customers.

What kind of information does Small Business SEO Success collect?

There are two types of information that we collect from you when you visit our site. These pieces of information will aid us in providing the ideal service that you require. We collect personal information which is provided by you on an individual basis and the other kind is web site use information which is collected in an accumulated manner as you browse our site.

  • Personal Information (customers willingly provide)

    This includes email information which is usually the case if you wish to correspond to our team through your email. We retain the content of your messages, our responses and email addresses you chose so we can create the ideal website solutions for your business needs. And as these pieces of information are willingly shared by our clients, we provide protection for all these electronic communications just like we used in the maintenance of all the information gathered by mail and by phone.

  • Website Use Information

    Our website uses standard online technology to gather website use information through the use of “cookies”. You can read all about it through our explanation towards the end of this policy. Aside from cookies we also use web server log files to gather information and these pieces of information include the date and time that you visit our site, the pages that you viewed; the time spent checking our site and even the sites that you visit before and after you check our site out.

How are all these pieces of information used?

All the information gathered are used for the purposes of administering Small Business SEO Success’ activities, to provide the most suitable products or services that you require, to process any payments you make, to do checks on how you use our service, for our company’s marketing and promotional campaigns and to improve our site content and our service. We also use all the information gathered from our clients to customize our content and all other lawful purposes. The use of all the information we gathered improves our site so we can better enhance our services to suit your needs.
Moreover, the information we gathered may be shared to our partners in a collective manner however, personally identifiable information as well as business information will not be shared except when required by law.

You may notice that we also use information we collect from you to notify you of important changes that we may do to update our site, to improve our services and to come up with special offers. For your part, you may notify us if you do not want to receive any special promos or new information through an email link included in the newsletter you receive.

What are cookies?

Our website uses “cookies” to create a profile about visitors as they check out our site. This is to easily determine one visitor from another. Aside from building identity, cookies may also be used to prevent any user access to our site or from having to log in more than is needed to secure our site. Together with our web server’s log files, cookies also allow us to monitor the collective number of people that visits our site and to easily tell which part of our site is more popular than the others. Cookies also help us gather feedback so that we can improve our site to better help our clients. Cookies on the other hand do not allow us to get personal information from you and we do not store personal information that your browser provides us through your cookies.

Your IP Address

An IP address is used by computers every time it accesses the Internet. Your own IP address is a string of numbers that is used by computers in a network to identify your computer. This is automatically collected by our web server which is a part of our clients’ demographic data which is more appropriately called traffic data. Your IP address allows data that you requested from the web, for example websites that you click, to be sent and viewed by you.

All about sharing and selling client information

Small Business SEO Success does not share, sell, lease or lend information that we gather from our clients like email addresses or personal information with anyone except when it is necessary to process services that you have requested from us.

How you can access your information and make corrections or updates

You may email us to request access to all your personally identifiable information that we gather online to maintain our site. You may also request to change or make updates if necessary.

All about legally compelled disclosure of information

Small Business SEO Success may disclose information when legally compelled to do so. When the company believes, in good faith, that the law requires it and to protect our legal rights. We may also disclose information when the company has reason to believe that the information we provide will be important to identify and to bring into legal action anyone who may be violating our company’s Terms of Service. We may also disclose information to protect the safety of our clients and the safety of the Public.

About websites that are linked to ours

Small Business SEO Success is not responsible for the practices that are used by the sites that are linked from our website as well as the information that are contained in these sites. Links to other websites are added to our site for the purpose of information on topics that are useful for our clients and users of our site.

When you click on a link to move from our website to another site, our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect. Your website activity as you browse and interact with other sites that have link to our site is already subject to the site’s own policies. We caution you to read the site’s rules and terms before you proceed using it.

Your consent

When you use our website, you agree to our collection and use of your personal information as stated earlier in this Privacy Policy. Small Business SEO Success has the right to make changes on this policy at any time whether we provide notice to our clients or not.

Our company’s commitment to data security

Any information gathered from our visitors and customers will be stored and processed through our computers located in the United States. Laws against keeping personal data in the US may be less strict than other countries or place of residence. We are using physical, electronic and managerial measures to secure your information that we collect to service you.

You have a choice to opt-in or opt-out

You may email us to opt-in or opt-out on any email messages from us. After you unsubscribe, we will discontinue sending messages to you as soon as your request is thoroughly processed.

Regarding surveys or contests

There may be times when you receive surveys and contests from us; these are completely voluntary. Surveys are used to improve our site while information gathered through these means may only include contact information and demographic information.

Our special note about children

Children (under the age of 13) are not eligible to use our company’s services unsupervised. A minor may use our services after seeking permission and guidance from parents or guardians.

Changes in ownership

When a website is acquired, information gathered from the previous owner becomes part of his assets and may be a part of assets that may be transferred along with the changes in ownership.

Any modifications in policy

Small Business SEO Success may change this policy from time to time. When changes are made to this policy, email notifications will be sent to its users who have provided us their permission to do so. All the personal information gathered when the old privacy policy was created will not be used to the amended policy in any manner that is inconsistent with the new policy without the owner’s prior consent. All the changes made will be posted here, users of our site are thus recommended to check this section periodically for such changes.