Product Data Feed Management Services

If you have an ecommerce site a creative and  under estimated strategy to get you on top of Google searches and other search engine searches is to use a “shopping feed” or sometimes called a “product feed.” The fact that main shopping sites have a clear advantage over regular sites when it comes to getting on the top of Google searches should not be ignored. There are over 300,000 merchants that are currently enjoying higher returns with shopping feed management however there are only a very small percentage that have made the best decision in hiring a professional to improve their rankings online with the use of shopping search engines like Google Base,, Shopzilla and Yahoo! Shopping.

And there is more to using shopping search engines to market your products; you can also use these to compare different products, features of products and of course find the most reasonably priced product through comparing several brands online. Aside from making smart product comparisons, consumers may also read product reviews to enhance their buying decision.

Be seen and heard with Google’s organic search results

You can efficiently improve your Google site rankings when you submit your business to shopping sites.

With the use of data feeds or product feeds you are submitting information about your website to shopping search engines. Product feeds must be unique for every search engine that you want to be seen, must be managed regularly and must be updated for any significant changes to ensure optimum visibility through shopping search engines. You can also guarantee that well optimized and managed product feeds will also show up with organic search results in Google and other search engines.

Be seen by your local customers

More and more customers are looking for different things online so why overlook the opportunity?

There is a new wave of customers that are growing at an alarming rate; mobile customers. Consumers are shopping through their mobile devices, PDAs and through their phones. A recent study by the IDC and IE Research show that there is a large number of smartphone shoppers who are diligent in updating themselves on store prices and inventory of products in 2010 alone. Think how much that number has grown as of today. With Small Business SEO Success, you can get help with online and mobile customers.

You get expert help in publishing your product inventories through creating and submitting a product data feed. When customers see your inventory, prices and deals it should help increase sales and revenue. Get in touch today to get you started on your e commerce site inventory as soon as possible.